Since the housing collapse of 2008, countless people have seen their home go into foreclosure due to an inability to pay their mortgage. Banks can seem like a faceless entity that’s willing to take your home without providing any support or assistance. Millions of American homes have been abandoned or sold without the owners seeking help from a foreclosure attorney. Foreclosure attorneys specialize in the area of foreclosure to ensure that your mounting mortgage bills don’t result in the bank threatening foreclosure. If your home is already in foreclosure, you can still receive assistance. Many homeowners do not know the wide variety of opportunities that are available to them in terms of appeals. Others simply don’t have the time to fight for their own case. In these cases, a foreclosure attorney is necessary to ensure that you don’t lose your home.

What Does a Foreclosure Attorney Do? Foreclosure attorneys fight for your rights. Housing and mortgage laws are very complex and vary by state. Huge amounts of research have to be done to prove a case against foreclosure. We have worked on countless cases that have dealt with very complex foreclosure situations. We’re sure that your unique situation has led to a lot of confusion about your rights as a homeowner. Every foreclosure situation has its own unique set of issues that need to be dealt with. The majority of people whose homes are going into foreclosure simply don’t know where to begin. Do they contact the bank or the mortgage lender? Do they sell the house? In many cases, people who want to retain their foreclosing homes are thinking about how much they like the home as much as they don’t want to move. You shouldn’t feel like a trespasser forced to surrender your home due to America’s current economic situation. Foreclosure attorneys respond to foreclosure notices in an effective manner. Our attorneys can use delay tactics to postpone the foreclosure. We can help you find financing options.

Our Foreclosure Attorney Services Most people who are having their New York home foreclosed on are under enough stress without having to deal with court proceedings. In many cases, clients don’t have to take off work and sit in the courtroom in order to receive assistance. We provide the letters and phone calls necessary to stop your home from going into foreclosure. Many people whose homes are going into foreclosure feel like the banks are harassing them for a home they spent a great deal of money purchasing. We have many years of experience in dealing with foreclosures in New York City. The astronomical housing costs of homes in New York City have led to massive amounts of foreclosure cases in the past five years. Many of these people have been able to hold onto their home after using the services of a foreclosure attorney.

Protect Your Investment There’s no way to know for sure which way the housing market will turn in the next few years. The most important thing is that you remain informed and take advantage of the services that foreclosure attorneys offer. Our attorneys are compassionate about fighting for your rights during your dire situation. It’s important to remember that it is never too late for you to reclaim your home when it has gone into foreclosure.

The offices of Julio E. Portilla work tirelessly to ensure that you are able to keep your home. We understand that people going into foreclosure can’t pay for their own housing at the moment. Our cost effective services are designed to help you catch up with your mortgage. You’ll rest easy knowing that your home is safe from future threat of foreclosure as well.