Navigating Dating During a New York Divorce

Multi-racial couple on first date

It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and uncertain during the divorce process. Another cause of these feelings could be the thought of dating again. While some may be ready to get back out there, several factors should be considered.

Is It Legal?

In New York, individuals can legally date someone else during the divorce process. However, those who choose to do this should be extremely cautious. New York legislation states that spouses are still legally married until the court grants them a final divorce decree. This means that even if they have separated or lived apart for some time, they remain legally bound to one another.

Proceeding with Dating During Divorce

For couples with no children, dating during divorce may be less impactful. If the couple lives apart and no complications arise during the divorce, dating another person may not be a big deal.

On the other hand, for couples who have children, parents should consider their children’s well-being if one parent chooses to date before a divorce is finalized. For some, this may mean involving their children in the process and explaining why they started seeing someone new. This can help children understand and accept the situation better.

Alternatively, many parents opt not to share with their children that they are dating before the divorce is finalized. In this situation, parents should set strict boundaries until they are ready to discuss their new relationship with their children.

Ultimately, respect for parental rights and responsibilities must remain at the forefront when considering dating during a divorce. When both parties respect each other’s wishes and stay mindful that decisions made regarding relationships should always put the welfare of any minor children above all else, then positive outcomes can often result from difficult situations.

Questions About Dating During Divorce?

Dating during a divorce is a personal decision that requires careful consideration of the situation. If you decide to pursue a relationship during this sensitive time, you should seek the advice and counsel of a qualified New York family law attorney to ensure all legal matters are properly handled.

With the help and guidance of the Law Office of Julio E. Portilla, P.C., you can make informed decisions regarding dating while going through a divorce. Contact our experienced divorce attorney to feel confident with your decision.

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