New York State's Most Dangerous Road

Overview of the Taconic State Parkway

Dangerous roads are nationwide. There are various reasons why roads are deemed hazardous, making it more critical for drivers to be aware before their travels.

In New York, the Taconic State Parkway is considered the most dangerous roadway.

Taconic State Parkway Facts

The Taconic State Parkway is a north-south route that winds through the Hudson Valley. Not only is it one of the most scenic roads in New York State, but it is also the state's longest parkway and reference route. Many drivers use this roadway as an alternative to I-87 when traveling between New York City and Albany.

While the Taconic State Parkway may have beautiful scenery, it also holds the distinction as one of the most dangerous in the nation due to the number of injuries and fatal crashes on that stretch of roadway. In particular, a significant factor contributes to the Taconic State Parkways’ unfortunate reputation — the road conditions.

Narrow Lanes and Dangerous Intersections

Narrow lanes and intersections lacking proper traffic control can often create hazardous and deadly driving conditions. When roads are built with limited lane widths, drivers may find themselves in tight situations when trying to avoid large vehicles or any obstacle in their path.

Additionally, when roads have removed stop signs and traffic lights, haphazard merging and quick lane shifts become even more of a concern.

Frequently Inclement Weather

Inclement weather can be a hazardous added factor when driving on the roads. Rain and snow create slippery surfaces and reduce visibility, leading to collisions and fatalities. In addition, extreme cold decreases tire pressure making them less efficient at preventing skids on icy surfaces or puddles.

Dynamic temperature changes also cause fluctuations within the asphalt surface — this is particularly hazardous at night as lighting may not reveal potential potholes or cracks that lead to accidents. Therefore, it’s paramount that motorists exercise extra caution when traveling on Taconic State Parkway during inclement weather conditions.

Were You Injured By Another Driver on the Taconic State Parkway?

An injury sustained while driving on any road can be life-altering, both emotionally and financially. With the Taconic State Parkway recognized as one of the most dangerous roads in the U.S., our experienced team at Law Office of Julio E. Portilla, P.C. has the expertise to help you fight for your rights after a serious accident. We understand that when you have been injured, it is important that your legal rights are respected and protected. That’s why we strive to provide the highest quality of representation.

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